Sam Ashford


I’m the director at AdultPerspectives. I love my job and running our website. We offer different views and opinions on relationships. Our writers are good at their work, and I enjoy working with them. I have years of experience writing both here and in previous positions I have held. In my spare time, I enjoy fine food and keeping fit.

Sam Ashford

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My Experience and Expertise

Welcome to AdultPerspectives. My name is Sam Ashford, and I am the director of this platform. I bring to the table a rich tapestry of expertise and experience. My journey in relationships, love, and intimacy spans several years. It’s marked by intensive research and hands-on experiences. And countless interactions with people and couples seeking guidance.

My work here and in prior roles has been dedicated to producing and overseeing content. It’s relatable and rooted in authoritative sources and real-life testimonies. I pride myself on our commitment to delivering sound advice. It stems from a deep knowledge of human emotions and psychology. Our writers, hand-picked for their prowess and insight, work in tandem. They work alongside me to ensure our content meets the highest standards. And we aim to bring you content worthy of trustworthiness and expertise.

What sets us apart is our commitment to authenticity and hands-on advice. We understand the responsibility of being a beacon of advice for many. And we ensure that every piece gets vetted for accuracy, relevance, and sensitivity.

Outside my professional commitments, I deeply value fine dining and fitness. They are not mere hobbies but a display of my commitment to holistic well-being. A balanced personal life translates into a clear, focused professional perspective. Further, solidifying my stance as a trusted voice in relations and intimacy.

Thank you for choosing AdultPerspectives. Our mission is, and always will be, to provide content you can rely upon. Trust in our expertise, authoritative voice, and the genuine care we invest in our community.