Big Dick Problems: The Top 15 Problems

Most men dream of having a larger penis. But they fail to realize that hung guys have big dick problems. Let’s look at the top 15 problems!

big dick problems

Is it true that the desire for what we can’t have extends to wanting a bigger penis? Do hung guys have big dick problems? It’s a common belief that women get taught to believe that a bigger penis is better. [Read: Best Pillow Humping Techniques and Tricks To Add Pleasure]


But it’s worth noting that a penis that is too large can cause discomfort. The question arises: What exactly are you supposed to do with it?

In the realm of men’s self-perception, there’s a notion that having a larger-than-average penis equates to being superior. But, based on my encounters, this belief does not hold.

The argument here suggests that a larger penis may not be as advantageous as an average one. Knowing the reasoning behind this viewpoint is vital before jumping to conclusions or becoming upset.


Does a huge dick mean the guy is a prick?

They believe that if a man has a big dick, his self-importance will likely correspond with its proportions. Or perhaps even surpass them.
Many people fail to invest equal effort into relationships. And wrongly assume that having a big dick equates to being superior.

Isn’t it about more than physical attributes? Having an excessive ego is not appealing to me—no matter the size of their ego or their physical endowments.

In considering a potential lover, one must acknowledge that a lack of effort will not lead to greatness. A man who disrobes and presents himself with an air of superiority does not gain my interest.


In the realm of male anatomy, you can’t deny some people possess impressive genital dimensions. To those people, I extend my admiration and respect. But, it is imperative to acknowledge that with such endowment come unique challenges. Possessing a larger male organ guarantees a better overall experience but is not always accurate.

Engaging in sexual activities with a partner who possesses a larger genital organ can indeed create fullness and heightened pleasure. But, it is vital to consider whether this increased sensation is beneficial. If the size or girth of the genital organ is excessive, it may result in discomfort or pain. [Read: How to Be a Hotwife – The Must-Know Tips for Women]

Top 15 Big dick problems

Let’s get stuck right into the list of big dick problems guys with a big appendage may face.


1. Blowjobs may not be fun.

Many women desire a sexual partner with a generous endowment. But performing head (oral sex) on a man with a huge large penis may not be every woman’s preference.

The upcoming experience might be boring for her. She may be feeling quite fearful. She might strongly desire to vomit at the most inconvenient moment during the act. And it will be a challenging experience for you. She won’t be able to take it all in her mouth, resulting in more manual stimulation. This may limit options for a couple in the bedroom. And the lack of blowjobs in a relationship may cause insecurity and self-esteem issues.

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2. Sex positions are limited.

When one possesses an ample endowment, one encounters a shortage of diverse sexual positions. This occurrence can be due to logical reasons.

Due to the large size of the male genital organ, engaging in some sexual positions may lead to discomfort. And may lead to potential injury for your partner. Thus, it is advisable to adhere to the fundamental positions.

After some time, the experience can become tiresome and incredibly monotonous. It’s one of the genuine challenges that arise when faced with a lack of excitement. [Read: The Rules of Dogging Etiquette Everyone Should Know]


3. Less sex for bigger dicks.

When someone has a smaller or average size, there is no fear related to its penetration. Others don’t even consider it. When dealing with a larger size, there is a brief moment of worry regarding whether it will fit.

If your partner cannot take it, their desire for sexual activity may not align with your own. You may rely on manual release if the experience hurts due to size.

4. Lube is essential.

Ensure proper lubrication when engaging in sexual activities. Lube helps to ensure comfort and pleasure for both partners. The size of the penis can lead to friction. Friction may cause discomfort or dryness in the vagina during sex. To put it in perspective, think of the feeling akin to carpet burn.

If one possesses a big dick, one is aware of the significance of lubrication. It becomes a vital companion. However, there arises a predicament. The cost of acquiring a large quantity of lubricant can be quite substantial. [Read: Men Moaning: How to Get Men to Moan During Sex]

5. Serious big prick problems – Ripping condoms.

In the realm of men with larger anatomies, using condoms can be quite a challenge. It’s not a pleasurable experience, but it’s more akin to feeling stifled and confined in snug attire. At the same time, men with larger penises find themselves at a crossroads when it comes to protecting themselves against STIs. While they want to prioritize their safety, they also face ample discomfort.

Chances are, people may resort to ordering customized condoms online. And honestly, it’s not an item you’d want your roommate to discover.


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6. Anal and big cock problems.

The situation can quickly become chaotic. When engaging in anal intercourse with a larger-sized penis, it has the potential to turn into a horrifying scene. Imagine a scenario where someone possesses an above-average endowment. While it may seem enticing on the surface, it can bring about unexpected challenges during intimate encounters. Engaging in ordinary activities that may be effortless for others can become a daunting experience.

It can lead to discomfort and pain in certain situations, such as during anal intercourse. [Read: Is She a Player? 10 Telltale Signs You’re Dating a Woman Player]


7. Erection challenges.

When condoms are tight around the penis, they can restrict blood flow, resulting in reduced hardness. And the intimacy level decreases due to your member’s substantial size. And the condom may pose the risk of premature ejaculation. Which would shatter her desire for another sexual experience, wouldn’t it? To add, men with a larger package may still have erectile dysfunction.

8. Stereotype issues.

All women have heard that a well-endowed partner will be a mind-blowing sexual experience. But this places added pressure on them to perform at their peak. Yes, your junk may be of ample size, but does that imply that every sexual encounter you have must be mind-blowing? There are moments when exhaustion takes over. [Read: How to Be More Independent in a Relationship]

9. No sympathy, for big dicks.

Most men would feel envious if they were aware of your well-endowed nature. Some women seek after a large phallus. According to popular culture, it is supposedly the key to success. When a person possesses a larger phallic organ, their experiences may go unappreciated. Society perceives them as arrogant and fails to acknowledge the challenges they face. If only everyone understood the reality that lies beneath the surface.


10. Underwear issues.

It’s surprising, but it’s true. The quest for underwear and pants that comfortably fit without clinging to one’s body is challenging. Tight briefs and jeans may be a total no-go.

Most men rarely consider the pants they choose. For those with a more sizeable endowment, finding the right fit and fabric that offers discretion can pose a challenge. [Read: Proven Strategies on How to be More Talkative in Your Relationship]

11. You’re just a big walking sex organ.

If news spreads that you are carrying a weapon, you might gain a reputation as the “anaconda dude”. Or the “guy with the big one”. For those with smaller penises, the notion might seem like a fantasy. But when the novelty of your personality fades away, it only leaves a focus on your genitalia. It can be far from ideal, wouldn’t you agree?


12. Hurting your partner with a whopping cock.

The concern of causing discomfort to one’s partner due to a larger size is distressing. And it’s a challenge for well-endowed people. The desire to ensure the pleasure and well-being of the person you are intimate with is paramount. But, the difference in size can lead to some discomfort.

Her silence during sex can affect your performance and emotions. It has the power to dampen your mood, that’s for sure. [Read: The Meaning Behind a Dream of Falling in Love]

13. Bike riding may be out of the question.

Riding a bike can pose challenges for those with a notable endowment. Imagine not being an avid cyclist when suddenly your partner suggests a romantic bike ride. And it becomes a daunting task to navigate comfortably. Deciding where to place your unit can be a challenge. How does one find comfort in such a confined space?


14. Public urinals and a well-endowed cock.

As you walk into the room, you notice that other people steal glances in your direction. It may not be overt, but you can sense their envious stares deep down.

If only they were aware of the challenges faced by people with larger dicks. Speaking of which, another issue arises when using public urinals. Suppose one’s penis hangs low enough to contact the urinal or toilet water. It can be quite unpleasant due to hygiene concerns. [Read: What’s the Difference Between Love You and I Love You?]

15. Erections cause a scene.

In public, the not-so-little guy has a way of announcing his presence. It could be when you’re swimming, and a beautiful person walks by, or it happens for no reason. When that happens, concealing your erection isn’t a simple task. You might need to retreat to the restroom and distract yourself with unappealing thoughts for a while.


In the realm of female preferences and perspectives, there exist a myriad of penile variations. That can invoke either admiration or amusement. If one believes their genitalia are inadequate, it might be prudent to appreciate the fortunate absence of the challenges encountered by people well-endowed.


It’s not just the millions of small guys who think they have a problem. Men with a big bulge may have their fair share of issues. Finding a girlfriend or boyfriend who likes you for how you are is all that matters. The size of a person’s genitals is only one aspect of a person. And it’s not the most crucial thing in any relationship. If you have any concerns about penis size or its health, seek advice from a doctor. There is plenty of information online. Treatment is available for many symptoms, such as erectile dysfunction.


What is considered a big penis?

The perception of a “large” penis can vary, as there is no agreed-upon measurement. It refers to a penis size above average in length or girth compared to the average range. Jonah Falcon has the largest penis in the world. It measures 13.5 inches!


Are there any benefits to having a bigger dick?

  • Visual appeal: Some people may find a larger penis visually appealing or arousing, which can enhance sexual attraction.
  • Confidence: Having a larger penis may boost self-confidence and body image for some people.
  • Perception of masculinity: Society’s perception of manliness often associates a larger penis with virility and sexual prowess, which some people may find affirming.
  • Pleasurable sensations: “Some” partners may enjoy the fullness or increased stimulation that a larger penis can provide.
  • Sexual positions: While some positions may be out of the question, others become available.
  • Partner satisfaction: Some partners may report heightened pleasure or satisfaction with a larger penis, although people’s preferences can vary.

Does penis enlargement work?

The success of penis enlargement methods varies, and it is a topic that has been debated by many. It’s vital to approach such methods cautiously and skeptically, as many advertised ways and products may not have sufficient scientific evidence to support their claims.